The Ozone Miracle: How you can harness the power of Ozone – MD Frank Schallenberger



Read about the benefits of Ozone and the different modalities from the author Dr. Frank Schellenberger.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger is the president of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy . He is also seen as the godfather of ozone therapy in the United States. He published the book on ozone therapy for medical professionals in the Unites States, The Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy, as well as several other books describing how oxygen heals.

The Ozone Miracle is written for you, the proactive health consumer. It describes the remarkable 200 year-old history of ozone therapy that includes such important scientific luminaries such as Nikola Tesla and Werner von Siemens. It also describes the science behind ozone therapy. He describes in detail how you can harness the power of ozone in your own home to improve your health and prevent disease.

From eye conditions, to flus, to bladder problems, to cardiovascular diseases and most things in between The Ozone Miracle has many simple, safe, and natural solutions.





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