Ozonia Vet – Ozonated Healing Lotion for Pets – 35ml


The healing power of ozone in a  tube! Ozonia VET is a gentle pharmaceutical grade ozonised cream for topical veterinary application

For cuts, wounds, sores and cutaneous ulcers and for the  prevention of possible bacterial and fungal infections, itching, reddening or inflammation of the skin.
Anti bacterial properties to aid and speed up the healing process especially helpful in hard-to-heal wounds.
Can also be used on surgical wounds, cuts and scabs inflicted by scratching or biting. Also reduces scar tissue.
Ozonia VET gently soothes skin irritations.
Does not contain any synthetic fragrances, colourings, silicones or preservatives.
Dermatologically and Microbiologically tested. For all skins types even the most sensitive ones.
The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Ozone have been known for many years and Ozone is used in a variety of natural treatments in various parts of the world.
Every home with a pet should have a tube of Ozonia Vet in the first aid kit.

Do not expose the product to temperatures above 25 ° C continuously for several days. During the hot season it is preferable to keep the product in the refrigerator at a temperature of between 2 ° and 8 ° C.


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For topical application for hard to heal or infected wounds.


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