Ozoneology Platinum Home Ozone Therapy Kit


The Platinum full kit allows you to get started straight away with all the following home ozone therapies:

Ozonated water  Рfor drinking, gargling, lavage (cleaning of wounds), disinfecting surfaces or washing vegetables etc.

Rectal insufflation – the best and safest, non-invasive way to infuse ozone into the the body (almost as powerful as autohaemotherapy performed in clinics)

Limb bagging – for treating of skin disorders, prevention of wound infections, help treat athletes’ foot, gout, help heal diabetic ulcers, burns etc

Oil bubbling


The full kit consists of:

1 x Portable Home Ozone Generator

1 x Regulator

1 x 2 way connector

1m x Silicone tubing

2 x 60ml Ozone syringes

10 x Ozone catheters

1 x 500ml Glass Conical Flask with silicone stopper, silicone tubing and diffuser stone

1 x 1000ml Glass Conical Flask with silicone stopper, silicone tubing , funnel and diffuser stone

1 x Ozone destructor

2 x Ozone Iimb bags with 2 connectors

1 x 3 chamber Ozone insufflation bag

1 x Stopcock

1 x Non return Value

Instruction Guidebook


Please note you will need an oxygen tank with oxygen which is not included. This will need to be sourced from your local gas supplier.




The best way to protect and heal yourself, members of your family and your four legged companions


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