Ozone Therapies

Many people say ozone therapy is a bit like exercise. Exercise stimulates a low stress within your body. Your body then recognizes that stress and heals itself to be stronger and healthier than before. 

In the same way, ozone therapy, when done correctly, often stimulates a very small stress which causes a large response in the body to healing, reparation, and homeostasis

The therapeutic properties of ozone can positively impact a wide variety of diseases and conditions and is best used for treatments that require immunomodulation (autoimmune conditions, allergies and inflammatory conditions ending in -itis) or oxygen efficiency, and even help heal injuries. As it is natural and safe with relatively no adverse side effects, ozone therapies can be used alongside other traditional treatments.

There are many different methods of administering medical ozone – most of these you can do yourself at home, some modalities are only performed by trained professionals in a clinic environment. It must be noted though, that the benefits of rectal insufflation (a therapy that can be performed at home) is 95% as good as autohemotherapy (performed in a clinic). 

NB! See clinical study relating to rectal insufflation for the successful treatment of COVID-10 patients in Italy.

Medical ozone is generated using a medical grade generator and always using pure oxygen from a connected oxygen tank. Ambient air is never used to create medical ozone.

The indications and benefits of each method is explained further below

Home Ozone Therapies:  People and Pets


There are various methods of infusing ozone gas into the different body cavities i.e.: rectum, vagina, ear

Insufflation can be used for any condition, pre-condition, acute or chronic disease from general fatigue, aging, aches and pains, colds and ‘flu, cancer, auto-immune diseases, neurological diseases, immune support, general gut health, inflammation etc.

Rectal Insufflation

Ozone gas is introduced into the rectum. It doesn’t sound wonderful but the benefits are absolutely well worth overcoming any initial or perceived ’embarrassment’ . Rectal insufflation has been performed in clinics around the world. The procedure is painless, simple and minimally invasive and can safely be performed in the comfort and privacy of your own home (requires no needles) taking only a few minutes of your time.

Ozone experts from around the world* (Renate Viebahn (Germany), Dr. Robert Rowen (USA), Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD (USA), Silvia Menendez (Cuba) agree that this method of application is 95% as effective as major autohaemotherapy (blood infusion) that is performed in a clinic. This is because the cell membranes of epithelial cells lining the body cavities are thin and easily and readily absorb and react to the ozone.


Vaginal Insufflation

As indicated above this safe, pain-free and simple technique takes only a few minutes and can be performed in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Ozone is infused into the vagina for gynaecological / pelvic conditions. Many women have reported relief from symptoms associated with yeast infections, UTIs and sexually transmitted diseases like herpes. As the ozone is absorbed into the blood stream, other benefits may be similar to those experienced from rectal insufflation where ozone once absorbed into the bloodstream passes through the entire circulatory system.  (Women are advised not to practice vaginal insufflation shortly before or during menstruation as ozone increases blood flow).


Ear Insufflation

Using specially designed ozone stethoscope, following Ozone safe practice protocols, ozone is gently humidified by bubbling it through water then allowed to flow in and around the entrance to the ear and allowed to escape freely with no pressure build up). A small amount of water can be applied to the surface of the skin before insufflation begins as this will facilitate ozone absorption. Each ear insufflation lasts from 2 – 5 minutes and repeated no more that 2 – 3 times a week.

Limb Bagging

Simple technique whereby torso, pelvis, legs, feet, arms or hands (not the head) are placed in a sealed ozone ‘bag’. The bag is then allowed to fill with ozone provided through an inlet (at the top of the bag) from the ozone generator, once full, allowing the ozone gas to pass over the infected area or wound, and excess ozone be released from the bottom of the bag through an outlet. The outlet is connected to a destruct, which converts ozone back into oxygen. Oxygen is then released safely back into the environment. Depending on the size of the limb and the bag, each limb bagging session can be from 10 – 30 minutes and can be repeated 2 – 3 times a day. 

Ozone kills viruses, bacteria, mould and fungus on contact, increasing blood flow to the wound or skin which in turn stimulates the healing process. Ozone prevents infection and this protocol has been instrumental in sparing limbs and feet with diabetic ulcers from amputation.  Ozone has a sterilization effect on wounds, surgical equipment PPE and other surfaces. Higher concentrations of Ozone are usually recommended while clearing infection, reducing concentration to support the body / wound through the remainder of the healing process. 

*NB! SAFETY WARNING – Ozone is toxic when inhaled so always perform any ozone therapies in a well ventilated room. Limb bagging is NEVER for the head and all safety precautions should be taken at all times to prevent the accidental inhalation of ozone. Excess ozone remaining in the limb bags, should be released outdoors or be carefully passed through a destruct.

Body Bagging – similar to the above using a specialised body suit.

Ozonated Water

Another simple technique that creates ozonated water by bubbling ozone through ice cold water (in a glass jar), causing water molecules to ‘absorb’ ozone molecules.

The uses of ozonated water are limited only by your imagination. Ozonated water is foremost an gentle anti-septic that is safe for drinking. It’s alkalinity makes it a sought after ‘tonic’ in times of holistic healing when reversing acidity in the body associated with cancer and other diseases. 

It can be used as a mouth wash for dental issues like abscess, post dental surgery ( to promote infection free healing), gingivitis and halitosis and be used as a gargle  to rid throat infections. 

Ozonated water can also be used as an eye wash (remove contact lenses first and allow the ozone to dissipate before reinserting. 

Other uses: lavage – disinfection and cleaning of wounds (prior to limb bagging), bathing, enema, douche, disinfection of fruits and vegetables, work surfaces, washing or wiping down of personal items or PPE, or misting into nasal cavities at the onset of or protection against colds and viruses.

Did you know?? Water treatment works have huge ozonation plants that ozonate the water as a general part of water purification process. 


Ozonated Oils

Different oils have the ability to ‘absorb’ and react with ozone at different concentrations. The  most common type is ozonated olive oil.
Due to the extreme pressure and time required to successfully ozonate oils, this process is generally undertaken by professional oil companies. Ozonated oils for use at home or in the clinic are purchased in their ready-to-use format. 

Ozonated oils are topically applied to aid healing of wounds, skin lesions, acne, bed sores, cold sores, eczema, fungal infections, gingivitis, hemorrhoids, herpes, leg sores, STD’s and more.
Ozonated oil can be applied after limb bagging (where appropriate) or used on their own and applied 2 – 3 times a day as required.

Ozonated oils can also be used to lubricate catheters for rectal / vaginal insufflation.

Different oils have the ability to ‘absorb’ and retain ozonides at different concentrations  (from least to most):
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Hemp Oil
Sunflower Seed Oil
Caster Oil
Safflower Oil
Avocado Oil
Flax Seed Oil
Jojoba Oil

Air Purification (Industrial Ozone)

Performed only in vacant areas. Due to toxicity of Ozone when inhaled all safety protocols must be strictly adhered to, to prevent accidental inhalation by operators, other members of the family / public and pets. Ensure the rooms are vacated before commencing and ensure they remain locked preventing access during disinfection. 

Rooms must be suitably and well ventilated prior to re-occupation. 

Ozone gas kills bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi on contact. This makes it an idea choice for decontaminating and disinfecting large areas or multiple surfaces where wiping down of surfaces is not practical or possible. Provided safety protocols are followed, ozone gas can also be used to sanitise clothing and PPE. 

Clinic Therapies:

Autohemotherapy ( Minor / Major)

Performed only by trained professionals in a clinic setting. For the trained professional the procedure is fairly easy and straight forward and very safe for the patient.

The procedure involves the removal of about 125cc to 200cc of the patients’ blood. The blood is infused with s specific quantity and concentration of ozone and then re-infused into the patients’ body. 

Major Autohemotherapy – larger quantities of blood are taken and re-infused or blood follows a continual line of leaving the body, being ozonated and re-infused similar to dialysis. 

Intravenous Injection

Performed only by trained professionals in a clinic setting. For the trained professional the procedure is fairly easy and straight forward and very safe for the patient.

Also known as minor autohemotherapy. Ozonated saline can be injected into the vein as opposed to drawing blood, and reinfusing it once ozonated.

Intramuscular / Subcutaneous Injection

Performed only by trained professionals in a clinic setting. For the trained professional the procedure is fairly easy and straight forward and very safe for the patient.

A form of minor autohemotherapy. Ozonated blood is injected into the muscles or just under the skin depending on the condition. Often a special formulation of vitamins is added to the ozonated blood to assist healing (Widely referred to as Prolozone)

DIV Injection – (Direct Intravenous)

Controversial procedure due to the risk of pulmonary embolism. DIV refers to the injecting of ozone gas directly into the vein.