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Our mission is to eradicate disease and unnecessary suffering through illness by empowering the use of safe natural therapies boosting immune systems, protecting people and pets and saving lives of both.

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What if ?

  • There was a safe, simple, inexpensive, natural solution to healing yourself and your loved ones (including your pets)
  • One that kills viruses, bacteria, mould, fungi, yeast, protozoa on contact
  • Boosts your immune system to protect you from illness
  • Kills pathogens in your blood, helping you heal from disease – FAST!
  • One that can be used as a disinfectant to clean wounds, household items, shopping and PPE !
  • You can do it yourself from home (with the right equipment)  ??

Well, all that and more is achievable with Ozone and home therapy kits are available for you right now!

What Is
Ozone ?

Ozone (chemical formula O3) is a triatomic oxygen molecule found in high concentration in the earths’ stratosphere known as the ozone layer which protects us, and the planet, from the suns’ harmful UV radiation rays. Ozone is also formed when lighting passes through the air during a thunderstorm. 

Ozone is the most powerful oxidant in nature.

When infused in the blood, it creates antioxidant enzymes which help prevent cellular damage and oxidative stress both known to lead to cancer, aging and other diseases.

Many of the different modalities can be practiced safely and inexpensively at home with the right equipment and following safety guidelines.

Many of the protocols are also safe and provide the same health benefits for animals


How Can It
Help Me ?

Special generators help recreate Ozone for medical and industrial purposes.

The benefits of medical ozone range from preventative health to skincare to treatment of wounds and diseases.

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Ozone has been used in water purification systems, air fresheners, hydrotherapy, and swimming pools for many years. Now you can ozonate water at home to create an even purer form of water free from all bacteria, viruses, spores from mould and fungi and parasites. Ozone water is as pure as water gets and is a pure joy to drink.

Ozonated water can ‘hold’ ozone giving it healing, antibacterial and antifungal properties suitable for a variety of applications from rinsing of infected wounds to burns, skin lesions, skin rashes, insect bites, mouth wash for gum and dental issues, gargle, eye wash, ear wash, enema, bathing, misting into nasal cavities (COVID-19), washing of fruit & vegetables and for general disinfecting of worktops and other items.

Can be used topically for any skin irritation from rash to insect bites.  Also great for cosmetic use for refining the skin and reducing lines and wrinkles, pigment spots and inflammation / infection.

Do not try ozonating oils at home. It requires significant pressure and a lot of time to make a good quality ozonated oil which also presents with a fire hazard. Buy and use ozonated olive oils from a reputable manufacturer.

Most popular ozonated oil is olive oil but other ozonated oils are available.


As the name suggests, this method isolates an affected limb, by inserting it into a plastic bag and sealing it around the top where the limb enters it to prevent Ozone from escaping. Humidified ozone* (ozone captured after being bubbled through water) is passed into the bag and over the limb through an inlet valve at the top of the bag, and then removed from the bag through an outlet valve at the bottom of the bag which is connected to the ozone destructor. This creates a constant flow of Ozone being in contact with the damaged skin of the affected area.

NB! Care must be taken to ensure there is no leakage from the bag and as a precautionary measure limb bagging is performed in a well-ventilated room. When the treatment is finished, residual ozone remaining in the limb bag must be expelled through the destructor before unsealing and removing the limb from the bag.

* Humidified ozone works better on dry skin than dry Ozone on dry skin. Alternatively, the skin can be moistened with water or better still, moistened with ozonated water, prior to bagging.


Ozone kills any bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould infecting open wounds on contact. Ozone also increases the flow of blood to the wound which stimulates and aids the healing process. Ozone has successfully been widely used in the treatment of diabetic foot wounds sparing many limbs from amputation.  Ozone also aids healing of burn wounds, cuts, insect bites, skin lesions and infected wounds.

There are many reports that intestinal ozone insufflation and major autohemotherapy are both effective forms of treatment 3 as the cell membranes of epithelial cells lining the body cavities are thin and easily and readily absorb the ozone.

Ozone is drawn up into an ozone syringe or insufflation bag with a two-way connector valve that can be closed before either is removed from the generator. A catheter is connected to the syringe or insufflation bag and the open end of the catheter (once lubricated with olive oil) is inserted into the rectum or vagina.

The valve is then opened, the syringe plunger is slowly depressed (or the bag rolled up and squeezed) forcing Ozone to be slowly infused into the body cavity. The speed at which ozone is infused is controlled and can be stopped at any time if any discomfort is experienced and resumed once the feeling has passed.

Once the Ozone has been infused, the catheter is removed. Retain the gas for about one minute and then allow it to naturally escape the body. Reports suggest that the action of ozone is immediate when it enters the body that it does not need to be retained for any additional period of time once the catheter has been removed.   

Insufflation  can be used for any condition, pre-condition, acute or chronic disease from general fatigue, aging, aches and pains, colds and ‘flu, cancer, auto-immune diseases, neurological diseases, immune support, general gut health, inflammation etc.

As for intestinal insufflation for yeast infections and urinary tract infections.

Using a special ‘stethescope’ for ear infections, tinnitus, etc 

Ozonated water can be used as a multi-purpose disinfectant for washing fruit and vegetables, clothes, PPE, wiping down surfaces etc. 

This is NOT the inhalation of Ozone. Breathing ozone is toxic. This therapy bubbles ozone through olive oil and the  Use a nasal canula to breathe the ozonated oxygen once it has passed through the oil

This method is good for any lung disorders or for acute upper respiratory tract infections like sinusitis, bronchitis, flu, colds, and viral pneumonias. Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD, recommends this as being a safe protocol for asthmatics and patients with chronic lung disease.

Ozone is bubbled through olive oil and the output gas is fed through a nasal cannula which is held beneath the nose. Vapours are inhaled. Note the vapour is NOT ozone – it contains ozonides and other molecules called terpenes (aroma molecules from the olive oil) and is therefore safe to inhale.

Ozonides are delivered direct to the pulmonary tract where they help with a wide range of respiratory issues like asthma, COPD, bronchitis, congested sinuses and kill pathogens (Corona virus that maybe present there).

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Ozone is combined with a variety of other therapies including light therapy and tens in an encapsulated sauna. 

Ozonated saline injected into the vein in the arm

An immune boosting therapy  used to activate the immune system. A small amount of blood is drawn from the patient, an specific amount of Ozone / Oxygen at a specific concentration is infused and mix ed with the blood and then the blood is re-introduced into the bloodstream (or intramuscularly)

A larger but specific amount of blood is drawn, infused with  blend of Ozone / Oxygen  gas at specific concentrations and re-infused into the body. In acute conditions, blood may withdrawn from the body, ozonated and also subjected to UV light treatment before being re-administered into the bloodstream.

Ozone/ oxygen infused injections under the skin or into joints for skin, muscular and joint conditions for pain relief and to to reduce inflammation and infection. 

The slow infusion of Ozone gas directly into the vein. Controversial method due to the risk of embolism however still widely practised. See research papers – Dr. Robert Rowen in human applications. This method still widely used to treat larger animals like horses. Very fine gauge needle is used and ozone gas infused at a very slow rate.

Natures' Healing Gift

  • Allergies and sinusitis
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Brain Fog
  • Cancer
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Chronic infections
  • Chronic pain
  • Circulation
  • Colds and ‘Flu
  • COVID-19
  • Cystitis
  • Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Dental infections
  • Ear infection
  • Heart Disease
  • Hepatitis
  • Inflammation
  • Intestinal disease
  • Lyme disease* 
  • Migraines
  • Mould toxicity
  • Multiple sclerosis

*anecdotal backed by reports not research)

  • Parasites
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Raynaud’s disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sinus infections
  • Spine information
  • Stroke
  • Throat infections
  • Tumours
  • Urologic disease
  • Vascular surgery
  • Viruses
  • Wound healing



quick start Silver

Just get started, time is of the essence! The Silver Ozone Home Therapy kit has what you need to get you started with the most effective home ozone therapy. The kits consists of Ozoneology Ozone generator, regulator, 3 chamber ozone insufflation bag, ozone syringes, catheters for rectal and vaginal insufflation. Kit is supplied with sufficient consumables to get you started. Additional consumables like syringes, ozone bags and catheters can be purchased separately as required.


The Gold Ozone Therapy Kit for home use includes Ozoneology Ozone generator, regulator, 2 x glass flasks with silicone tube and accessories and consumables like 3 chamber ozone insufflation bag and ozone syringes to allow you to perform rectal and vaginal insufflation, make ozonated water and ozonation of oil for inhalation therapy. Additional consumables can be purchased as required  (excludes limb bagging) Upgrade to the Platinum Kit  Click Here

OZONEOLOGY Platinum best value

All forms of home Ozone Therapy are possible with the Ozoneology Platinum Home Ozone Therapy Kit – ozonated water, rectal, vaginal and ear insufflation, inhalation therapy via oil and limb bagging for healing infected and slow healing wounds like ulcers. The kit consists of the Ozone generator, regulator, 2 x glass flasks, 3 chamber ozone insufflation bags, ozone syringes, catheters, limb bags with connectors, ozone destructor, silicone tubing and accessories.


Luer lock silicone syringes, Luer lock catheters, ozone bags, limb bags, silicon tubing, silicone adaptors and more



Ozonated oils and lotions  to clear infection and speed up healing  – for people and pets

The Many Healing Powers of Ozone



Most frequent questions and answers

Ozone is an inert gas formed from 3 oxygen atoms when oxygen molecules are subjected to an electric charge. It is the third oxygen atom that makes Ozone so effective. 

In one word it’s Oxygen! Ozone is tri-atomic oxygen and it very rapidly releases the third oxygen atom. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mould thrive in an oxygen-poor environment wrecking havoc with the immune system when they multiply and cause infection and inflammation. Ozone (oxygen) kills bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and parasites on contact. Oxygen also supports the immune system through the healing process and beyond by bringing the body back into homeostasis. Ozone also improves mood and emotional wellbeing. 

Yes, absolutely! There is some controversy and some physicians negate the powerful health benefits of ozone even when it is used in a safe and correct manner because ozone is toxic to living beings if inhaled. It is for the user to be responsible and to use the equipment in the right manner and to observe the required safety protocols and thereby enjoy the incredible health and healing benefits that ozone provides.  

Ozone therapy is widely practised in many countries like Italy, Spain and Germany, yet it is still not practised in mainstream healthcare. Why? Because there is no money to be made from it as pharmaceutical companies cannot patent ozone.  Ozone is a natural element costing only pennies to perform each of the treatments at home. 

Medical Ozone is produced when oxygen (not air) passes through the generator. The speed at which the oxygen flows determines the concentration of the ozone  (oxygen / ozone mix) that is generated. The slower the oxygen flow, the higher the ozone concentration. 

The regulator controls the speed of the oxygen flowing from the oxygen tank into the ozone generator. The speeds vary from 1/32 . 1/16, 1/8, 1/4,  to 1 L/m (litres per minute). Use the chart on the top of the generator as a guide.

Some ozone therapy protocols can be performed with higher concentration ozone (limb bagging / water ozonation) where others are better performed using less concentrated ozone especially when you are new to ozone therapy. For best results, follow the guidelines supplied with the home ozone therapy kit.

The information provided on the website is based on and follows many many years of trials and research. Many of these appear under the research tab for your own information. Sadly ozone therapy is not practised in mainstream health or veterinary care largely because pharmaceutical companies cannot patent ozone and generate the vast profits  generally afforded by patented drugs. This does not mean Ozone Therapy is not effective, it just means your doctor or vet does not know about it sufficiently in order to recommend it.  Ozone therapy and the information contained herein is not a substitute for medical or veterinary care. Everyone must take responsibility for their own health and your veterinarian is in charge of your pets’ health.  You may wish to also consult a Holistic Vet as they provide a holistic approach to locating the underlying root causes of conditions with many natural healing therapies in their arsenal. If Ozone is not one of them (yet), we would be pleased to work with them so together we can support you in your pets’ recovery and continued wellbeing.

The information contained in this website has not been approved by the FDA or any other national health department. The information in this website is for educational purposes only and  is NOT intended , nor should be used, as a substitute for medical advice. Ozone therapy is not endorsed by the FDA. 

Consult a licensed, qualified medical practitioner for issues concerning your health. Your physician (or veterinarian in the case of health issues for your pet) should be aware of your medical conditions as well as any medications, natural therapies or supplements you are taking. Search for a doctor such as a Naturopath / Homeopath / Nutritionist /  Functional  Medicine Practioner who will support you with your goals of prevention or of healing. Everyone who embarks on a healing journey through diet, lifestyle changes and complementary therapies accepts full responsibility for their decision and choices. 

Neither Ozoneology / Bright Eyes – Bushy Tails nor any of its’ directors, staff, shareholders or advertising / marketing partners will be responsible for any damages arising out of or in connection with the use of information or the use of the equipment made available on the website.

Reading this and the use of the website implies your acceptance of this disclaimer.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this website is not intended for medical advice or diagnosis. No medical treatment should be administered solely on the basis of the information contained herein. Information is intended to provide both clinical and experimental information regarding treatments that have been used in hundreds of clinics and hospitals over the past 80 years.
Although widely used in both Medical and Veterinary Practices and in homes across the world, Ozone therapy is not an FDA (US Food & Drug Association) approved therapy.  You should consult your integrative medical practitioner before attempting anything to do with ozone therapy.  The information in this website is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure.  It is not a substitute for medical advice.